How To Grow Your Website With Pinterest



So, this post is kind of not related to my niche however, it is something I HAD to share with you solely based on my personal experiences using Pinterest. I have had my blog now for almost a year, and I’ve used these steps to grow my Pinterest following BIG TIME and I know you all can too.
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Stop Judging Breastfeeding Moms



Have you ever been inside a store or restaurant and been like, “Holy crap, is that mom seriously breastfeeding her baby right here?!” Yeah, me neither, but man, people are seriously messed up for being so judgmental!

I honestly can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard of women getting shit for breastfeeding their baby in public and I really don’t understand why. Our bodies are designed to feed our children and we’re SERIOUSLY being hated on because we’re choosing to do what our bodies are designed to do?
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A Guide On How To Stay Fuller For Longer


So you eat your small breakfast of two eggs and some fruit or whatever it is you chose to eat this morning, and you’re starving so you look at the clock and find that only an hour has gone by! Say what?!

If you eat every 3-4 hours then this is the worst possible thing that could happen considering you have about another 3 hours before you can eat your next meal. Ugh.
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Is Pre Workout Worth The Hype?

Pre workout

Let’s all get something straight here…my name is Chelsea and I’m addicted to caffeine. That’s when you all say, “Hi Chelsea.”

Haha, no but for real though. Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled blog post. Ehem.

Caffeine Addicts Anonymous anyone?

We’ve all been there where we have just NOT been in the mood to get our workout/pump on haven’t we? I workout five days a week and sometimes it literally takes all I have to drag myself out of my super comfortable pajama pants and into my workout attire. That last sentence sounded like I was Clark Kent gearing up to put my cape on and save the world. I guess saving my body from excess fat one pound at a time counts too right?
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How To Cope With Postpartum Depression

postpartum depression


When you see your newborn baby for the first time, the last thing you’re thinking about is feeling sadness right? The only thing you’ve ever imagined feeling when you’ve replayed this scenario in your head over and over again, is pure happiness. You never imagined feeling any type of depressing or saddening thoughts right? At least for me, that was the case.
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12 Weeks Postpartum – Physique Update

12 weeks postpartum

12 weeks postpartum like whaaattt?? Time is truly flying and I can’t believe my baby girl is almost three months old. Getting my sexy back most certainly hasn’t been an easy challenge but it’s definitely been worth it. When I gave birth to my daughter Emmalynn, I was 210 pounds  (yikes). My stats are currently MUCH less then that thank the good lord!
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